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When in Rome

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We finally made it to our hotel, after a hiccup with our transport from the port. Our van had a flat tire(ha we know, another flat tire for Jeanne), but this time I didn't have to pay for a new tire. Between John and I, we had three flat tires in two months. We all felt so bad for the very handsome young guy who was our driver. Changing a tire on a van was not fun for him, but he did it so calmly in his really nice Italian suit. It was good eye candy for Jeanne :-)
We checked into The St. Regis hotel. Wow, what opulence and grandeur. And John surprise me with a suite and butler service. I call him Geves. But of course not to him.
After a quick lunch in the hotel, we headed out to see what we could find in what little time we have today. After a bit of time in trying to figure out their crazy city street, we made it to the Fountain di Trevi. There was about 1000 people there or so it looked to us. It's beautiful from what we could see. A couple of snaps and on our way to The Pantheon. It's so cool how you will walk down these narrow streets and turn a corner then bam, The Pantheon. We didn't get to go inside because it was about 7pm by this time so we decided to eat dinner at the cafe right across the piazza from it. It's fantastic people watching, the tourist and locals all jumbled up together. The Italians are spectacular to watch. Man o man can they dress. I marvel at the women in their high heals on these cobble streets. I was wearing boots and it was a challenge for me.
We did find a suit case for all of my shopping. And room for more if I need it. The clothes here are quite alluring to me. It will be hard not too.
Tomorrow we are taking a day trip into Florence. We bought tickets for the high speed rail. The train station is a couple of blocks away from the hotel.
Arrivaderci everyone, Ciao!

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We have arrived in Rome

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We have arrived in Rome! Great hotel room!

This is our door with our very own doorbell


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Travel troubles

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We arrived at the port that serves Rome and out shuttle got a flat so we haven't left the port yet. yay!


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Portoferrario the island of Elba

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Today was an adventure day of cycling and sea kayaking. I was so excited about this excursion I could not wait to get off of this boat and get moving.
We started biking along the city streets. Not much to talk about the port except there is a gigantic fort right in front of our ship. Guess what, we were too focused on our activities that we didn't even ask what the name was or the history. I was worried about John because this was something that I wanted to do, not him. He kept on telling me that I owe him big time. We pedaled along some stores then we started heading up hill. Now I was thing "oh my god, is this how it's going to be", yes it was. We kept on an incline then we plateaued. Did we even get to appreciate the beauty that surrounded us, nope. I was thinking can I do this. If John couldn't do it, there was a van that followed us that was a pick up car. I did pretty good up until the third hill, there were five large inclines all together. Now I'm not a cyclist what so ever, I did my first spinning class a few weeks ago, so you can imaging how much it was kicking my Americano ass. Finally it was down hill, so my other concern is to not wipe out. John was in the van following us. Smart man! I almost but it one time because I got distracted and looked away and then I was headed towards a rock wall. I managed not to crash. John saw the whole thing happening. Once we got to our destination which was some beach, we stopped and had a rest and drink. Some people were drinking alcohol, not me, water please. We got into the kayak after a brief lesson and paddled away. I really enjoyed it after I got the hang of it. Beautiful scenery. Elba is one big rock. So you have these large cliffs of rock and turquoise sea. We saw some sea caves and we kayaked through a very narrow arc. I blew it by not bring my Go Pro. I couldn't take any pics of this trip. My phone was is the pick up van.
We made it back safe and sound. The most hilarious part of the day was the ride back to the ship. They ordered us a train/car like what kids go on in a park. But it couldn't turn around because it got stuck in the parking lot. They had to unhitched it and put it back together. Everyone laughed!!!
We got back on ship for a bit of R&R, then headed out to try and find a suit case for all of my shopping. Oh these Italians. Most stores are closed on Sunday's and from 1-4pm. Oh well, we have to pack and try and make due the best we can. Windstar will take our suit cases tonight and keep them over night and get them at the terminal tomorrow. I forgot about that crap.
Tomorrow Rome!!! Can not wait...







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