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Bonjour, Marseille, France!

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We've just arrived in Marseille. This port is quite a bit different than the last, very industrial. When we originally booked the trip, Marseille was the 2nd stop, then they changed it to Sanary-Sur-Mer, then yesterday changed it again. It was too crowded or something. We have also heard Marseille has a high crime rate. Today we're visiting the nearby town of Aix-en-Provence.



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It's Tuesday, and we actually are starting to feel like ourselves again. The rocking of the ship just lulls us to sleep. It's very peaceful and the ship's crew are so accommodating and eager to please. Food is so far pretty good. I got up at 6:30 am and I hit the gym while John slept in. Nothing new for us. But as I was working out we were coming into this beautiful port. So I scrambled to get my camera and take some beautiful pics of this quaint little port of Vendres. Pronounced por vandra. That's the best I can do. Means the Venus. We took a tour into a very popular vine town of Perpignan. I just loved the little old town with a labyrinth of streets. Easy to get lost. I would have loved to have shopped but the prices are no longer Barcelona prices. Take our prices in the US and double it. I did manage to find a couple of Esthetic stores. So tempted to walk in, but we were on a tour that was moving pretty fast. Our final destination through the town was wine tasting in a vine shop. They gave us some nibbles and we tasted 3 wines. French wine is much less expensive and most don't use sulfites. Which I prefer. Less headache! We did get to walk around the town on our own for about 45min. Then headed back to the boat where we had Spa treatments planned. But of course...
I had a treatment called top to toes. It was nice... Very typical of a over priced spa treatment, but I enjoyed talking to the Irish Esthetician. She told me some great stories about living on the boat and home back in Dublin Ireland.
Tomorrow sadly we were scheduled to go to Sanary-Sur-Mer, but for some lame ass story, something to do with the tender boats, we will be going to Marseille instead. So that means no Saint Tropez excursion for me. Pretty bummed!!! Now we will do a excursion called Axe of Provance. So stay tuned...





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Perpignan, France

Perpignan, France - this was our excursion today (+ wine tasting at a wine store here). A much larger city than we thought - 80k+ people


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Our current location

Here's a shot of our location on a map


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Bonjour, Port Vendres, France!

We arrived at our first stop, Port Vendres, France!


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