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bienvenue à Cannes

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We have arrived in Cannes. Small port so we are anchored in the bay and will take a tender boat to the shore. We have a tour today in a neighboring city called Antibes (sections of it date to the 9th century). This is a shot of the shore from our room.


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Monaco, Eze and St Jean Cap Farrat

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Wow, oh wow. Monaco did not disappoint us. The most magical place. It is stunning. We started our day going to a mid-evil town build ton top of a hill side called Eze. No words can describe this charming, breath taking village. We spent about 1.5 hrs there taking pictures and shopping then we moved on to the next stop at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. A small costal town next to Nice. It's where the life styles of the uber rich and famous have villas. We went to the villa owned by the Rothchilds. Beautiful and picturesque place. Great picture taking. It's on top of the hill side over looking the sea. Every place we drove to today was by the azure sea. Stunning color. My camera just doesn't do it justice. Much more brilliant in real life.
After our excursion we headed back to the boat for some substance (refuel) and take a quick nap. We are staying here in Monaco until midnight so we are not in a rush to get everything in. We headed back out on foot this time just the two of us. We decided to go to the old fortress up on a hill over looking Monaco. Another small community lives there and some schools too. We had a couple of drinks and hung out for a bit before we went back to the ship.
I was talking to someone about how nice the French are, and she said the same thing. As long as you try to speak their language they will immediately help you out. They are setting up for the Grand Prix race so the bleachers and press boxes are all ready formed. It starts on 5/26, next week. They also showed us where Princess Grace was killed on the road. What Marseille lacked in, Monaco made up in. So pristine and clean. The police are everywhere. They take safety and orderly real seriously. Even when you think they aren't watching, they have cameras watching you.







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Amazing view from Eze, France

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Our tour took us to Eze, France just outside of Monaco. Amazing views from the top of the village


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Bonjour, Monte Carlo, Monaco

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We arrived in Monte Carlo this morning. Already quite a difference from Marseille!


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Aix En Provence

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It was a tough morning getting up today. We set the alarm at 6am to get up and ready to leave for our excursion at a little after 8am. Ugg... It was tough. We are finally getting acclimated to the time change and there is no sleeping in.
We headed out on our bus tour to Aix En Provence, which is the home to a very famous painter Cezanne. We didn't know much about him, but we got a interesting education about his life and death of this under appreciated man. Aix is now a very upscale "bourgeois" town. High end everything especially the shopping and housing. But I found it charming. The people in France are most welcoming and very patient with our little French. But we try, so the help us out. I got to say that they are lovely people, especially in the smaller towns. Aix's population is about 300,000 people. But the old town with their baroque streets and architect, and many fountains won me over. It's much like Perpignan but a bit larger. The shopping is very high end. I still managed to find myself a purse. Ha, go figure!!! John is about done with me shopping. He is losing his patience and keeps on asking me how we are going to transfer all of my goods home. So I came up with a plan to buy another suit case in Rome, and bring it home that way. UPS would cost more than a case.
After shopping we went to Cezanne's Atelier ( work shop) where he was inspired to work on his paintings and sculpting. Of course I found it fascinating because I like to paint and appreciate all of the work, tools and lighting that goes into it. John was bored!!!
We headed back to the ship to get a bite to eat and then we were back out to the scrappy town of Marseille. Love the name but hate this friggin city. Sorry, but think of SF with beautiful architecture and bastilles plus castles and then they didn't take care of it, just let it go to pot... It's the oldest city in Europe, which should be celebrated, but it's dirty and congested with people from all around the world. A tons of Muslims and people from Africa. Not that's a bad thing at all. Just a observation. The French love their cigarettes, Coca Cola and desserts. Go figure!!! Another observation.
We purposely went there to get a classic dish called Moulle Frittes (muscles and French fries). It's a popular dish we had before in New York. So we wanted to try it here in France. Yummy!
After walking around a bit, we weren't impressed with the city, so we went back to the ship.
On board we've met people from Baltimore, Mexico City, and So Cal. All really nice peeps. But we are losers because after dinner we haven't been socializing because we are so tired. So boring, I know!!! Sorry :-( just back to our room to crash. Our days have been really over exerting. I wish I had my Fitbit on to log the number of miles we are walking a day, It's a lot...
John was really excited about the Island of D'If which was a old prison. For those who remember the story The Count of Monte Cristo, that was the island he was an prisoner in. We got a great picture of it as we sailed right by it. That was his high light of the day.






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