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Last night on Board the ship

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After we ate dinner in Picturesque Portofino we got back on the ship about 9pm. They informed us that the crew was going to have a talent show, that it's a must see. So, we finally felt enough energy and said "why not". Well, talent not so much. It started out very awkward with some really bad singing from the poor food servers. But they were singing their hearts out, I felt so bad for them and then for us. It would have been rude to get up and leave. We are glad that we didn't because they saved the best for last. Four men did a un politically correct synchronize swimming routine with a blue tarp that replicated the ocean. It was the funniest show. They were flopping around like fish and holding each other's legs up. You had to be there. John caught only half of the number on his camera.

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Portofino, Santa Margherita and Camogli

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I can't believe that it's Saturday already. Our trip is nearly over with. Today was another epic day. We went to three places. First stop was Portofino to catch a ferry to Santa Margherita. More on Portofino later.
Santa Margherita is another iconic beautiful village but a bit larger than Portofino. Equally beautiful in the scenery. It's so weird to me to that these buildings that you see on film or in print are right in front of my face. And they are the real deal unlike Disney Land or Las Vegas. This trip is a real dream come true. I highly recommend for anyone reading our blog that you all make a trip to Spain, France and Italy. Especially the Mediterranean.
In Santa Margherita we had a special cocktail party for everyone on the boat. It was at a stunning location called Villa Durazzo. They had local food, pasta with pesto, delicious rigatoni that was unreal. Local wine and gelato, of course. Live music from a band just made it more special. Windstar knows how to wine and dine us.
So after about an hour we headed back to the marina to our ferry to take a ride to Camogli. They gave us a brief history and small tour before John and I headed out on our own. The sun was really strong today so we didn't make it so far before we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat and a glass of vino. The food is so fresh and truly delicious. I had gnocchi and John had the branzino fish. So light tasting, not anything like what we have in the states. We took pics of their beach. It was the perfect day for the beach so the Italians were all out and about on the beach which consist of large river rocks. No sand. Must be uncomfortable to walk on. I particularly loved the men in their tiny weeny bathing suits. Most of the men and woman are in really good shape. So why not show what ya got!
Back to the boat for a shower and change of clothes for us. Then dinner in Portofino. When we were in Cannes someone pointed out Paul Allen's (Microsoft cofounder) boat. Guess what was parked right in front of our boat when we got to Portofino. His yacht is slightly smaller than ours. He has a helicopter on it. It blocked our view of Portofino which pissed me off.
So when John and I were having a lovely dinner in town guess who walked right by us. Yup, Paul Allen and his friggin entourage if about 8 people or so. We also learned that two other boats belong to Bono and the Edge. But we didn't see them, darn!!!
Next stop, Portoferrario. Bueno Serra everyone...








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We have arrived in Portofino, Italy

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We've arrived to our first stop in Italy: Portofino


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Today was yet another beautiful day. How fortunate for us to arrive in Cannes, while the film festival is still going on.
We started our day on yet another early wake up, and out the freakin door by 8am. We had to tender this time into the port of Cannes. We drove to a neighboring mid-evil town called Antibes. Established part in the 900's and another part in the 1200's. A fishing village where Picaso hung out a lot with the local fisherman back in his hey day. Hence his normal attire of a strip shirt and rolled up white pants. That's what the local fisherman wore back then. He copied their look.
Cute little village. We strolled around and took pictures. Then it was off to the Absinthe tasting. Mind you its 10:30 am. But we were troopers and went along with it. The locals when drinking absinthe will wear all kinds of different hats. So they provided them for us. I was already sporting my own for the day, and they told me that I had to put theirs on. I picked out the most fitting one for us. Mind you, we had already been drinking the absinthe (see photo).
After a little shopping and cafe, we headed back to the boat to refresh and head back out to the city of Cannes. By this time the city is mobbed with tourist, and movie industry people. We did see some models on the red carpet and some people really decked out headed inside the festival. Was really hoping to see someone famous, but they won't hang out with the peasants. They were body guards and police everywhere. Security was extremely high.
There were so many people out and about we started to feel like heading back. I'm getting too old for huge crowds.
I did get to see one topless lady on the beach there but she looked to be about 70 yrs old. She was the only one that was very comfortable in her own skin. And of course you had some people snapping away with their camera.
Back on the ship they the crew threw us a huge bbq up on deck as we sailed away. Quite the soirée, with a ton of food, live music and apparently the crew is going to do a song and dance for us. John and I high tailed it out of there before that happened. Those poor people. Don't they do enough for us? Sheesh...
We said good bye to France and hello to Italy tomorrow :-)








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The Alps from Antibes

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The mountains in the distance with snow are the Alps- the natural border with Italy


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