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On our way home

We woke up at 3 this morning to get to the airport in Rome (40 minutes by car). We head to Istanbul then to SF.

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Florence and The Vatican

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I am combing yesterday's trip into Florence with today's tour of the Vatican in this blog.
Can you tell that we are two tired pups?
Yesterday morning we took the high speed train into Fi S.M.A, aka Florence. The train ride was a fun experience in itself. We upgraded to their first/bus class compartment. The seats are roomier and recline a bit and they serve you drinks and snack. Plus you don't feel like cattle crammed into a tight space. It was less than 50% full, more room to spread out if you wish. So it was about 1.5 hrs to get there going approximately 150 miles per hr. I love the country side. The only bummer of going so fast was you couldn't take photos so well. Too blurry. We got in around 11am, and didn't really have a plan since we decided to do this last minute. Folks, don't do what we did. Plan ahead so you can go into the museums. I wrote down some of the things that I wanted to see, and we just started to follow the masses into town. It was so over crowded. Which took away a lot of the Wow factor for me. We got to see the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the church of Santa Maria Novella, and Neptune's fountain. The only bummer was not seeing The David Statue. There was a long line to get in. We are so done with walking and our feet hurt, so we said it will have to be another trip back here. Not anytime soon though. We ate lunch in a Piazza next to Neptune, and some nude male statues. They are everywhere, ha, ha...
We enjoyed some really good pizza and vino, then after wards has some gelato, go figure. Then back home to the St Regis. We refreshed our selves for dinner and asked the concierge where to go for a nice quiet meal. He sent us to a quaint hole in the wall, can't remember the name but it sounded like Pinocchio. It's so funny these Italian men, when you ask them anything it's like they are thinking why are you asking me, then they tell you the answer real fast, like don't bug me.
I've got to say, the French were more patient and kinder to us.

Today was a early wake up call at 6am. We are so freakin tired at this point it was hard to get up. We had to meet the tour of The Vatican at 8:45am.
What can I say about the Vatican, it's large! It's interesting if you are deeply religious and are a art history buff. The tour was interesting in describing the history of the art and the artist. There are some really funny stories of the painters Raffael and Di Vincci. They each had their own sense of humor in their painting.
The Vatican tour took over 4hrs. Yikes! That was another long time for us to be standing on our already sore feet. On our way back to the hotel the driver took us right by The Spanish Steps. Took a quick photo of it. We didn't get to see the Coliseum though pretty bummed!
I'm am headed for a massage back at the hotel. John is taking a much needed nap. Great way to end this fantastic vacation.
We have an exceptionally early wake up tomorrow at 3am to catch a 7am flight to Istanbul.
Say a prayer that we make it home safe and sound.
Prego! And Ciao!














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More of Florence

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Here are a few more pictures from our day trip to Florence. There are more but we're both too tired. Tomorrow is our St Peters and Vatican tour....



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On our way to Florence

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We're taking the high speed rail to Florence from Rome to see the sights there


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